Corporate Meetings, Events and Retreats

Corporate “off-site” meetings have never been so easy to plan.  From the Bentonville square to the gated entrance of Horton Farms is usually about a 20 minute drive.  Just 10 miles from Walton Boulevard west on highway 102, with only 1 turn (on Bethlehem Road) you will arrive at a place of serenity and privacy, where not only do you get to decide what, how, and when your team will grow, but also which things will be right for your team to come together to build and grow and bring them to the next level as a TEAM!

    There is a comfort in knowing should there be a need to rush back to your office, you are only minutes from Horton Farms, and little will be traded for the comfort in KNOWING all is well with work.

    At Horton Farms you can plan your meetings any way you want.  Allow me to share pieces of some of the corporate meetings that became teambuilding experiences.  Please know Horton Farms doesn’t actually do team building training, but we can connect you with those who do.

    Catering your meals in is the choice of many, but by no means do you have to.  You can have anything from bacon and eggs you may prepare for your team, with a servants heart, to each of your team taking part in grilling steaks, making salads, and learning even more about working as a team.  Or you may use your favorite caterer.

    While we have a whole tab on our website about team-building we wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to share some past experiences that have been instrumental in making teams even better than they already were.

    Some guests plan outdoor activities like volleyball, or nature hikes. Others do trust walks [one person blindfolded while allowing another team mate to guide them around the farm building trust all the while].  Others go into the Sierra Grand Hall and show movies, have guest speakers, celebrities, or allow team members to speak to the group from their hearts.

    If your team leans toward more challenging team building exercises, the sky is the limit. Horton Farms has had Project Adventure come in and install various apparatus that work well in team building [under the direction of a certified trainer] We can connect you with a qualified trainers that will fly in to Northwest Arkansas, and also local trainers that do a less serious training.  Trainers that have the expertise to do everything from indoor teambuilding training that can be for groups of 2, to hundreds of people, or can take you on a journey that will lead you to and through amazing processes that many wouldn’t think are possible.  At the end of the day, your team can redefine the meaning of the word TEAM.

Overnight stays (for a maximum of 24 people) are another wonderful way to TEAM BUILD. The Sierra Executive Retreat is a great option/venue for overnight, and can be used in combination with the Sierra Grand Hall.  Hanging out on the large decks, or at the campfire are all great ways to build on what you already have.

Horton Farms is only 12 miles from Walmart’s Home Office in Bentonville.  The setting at the farm is rolling hills with lots of grassy areas that are maintained, a small lake, a covered bridge, walking paths and much more.  You may choose to have your corporate meeting inside the hand-crafted log Retreat, or use a combination of inside and outside locations for your meetings. Horton Farms can easily accommodate groups as small as a couple, up to hundreds.  While our inside facilities can accommodate up to 50 (indoors), you will find many locations at the farm that can accommodate any size group.