Our American Flag

You will be amazed when you get your first glimpse of the enormous American Flag that flies proudly at over 125 feet in the air above Horton Lake.  It is a 2,800 square foot American Flag.  You may even notice it as you fly into the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA) [keep your eyes peeled].  This flag pole was built and erected on site. The crane that erected the pole, came to us from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

These particular flags are hand-sewn in Texas. At any given time Horton Farms has a pair of flags.  One will be in flight , while the other is in repair.  Each flag flies approximately 4-6 weeks.  When signs of wear and tear begin to show, it is replaced by its mate and sent to a seamstress for repair.  We are now flying our second pair of flags since November 1st, 2006.  Each pair is retired together, and will stay together on Horton Farms for all to enjoy. 

The flag flies in Honor of the men and women who fight for, and love these United States of America; and too often, give the ultimate sacrifice, so those of us here at home may enjoy Freedom.  FREEDOM ISN’T FREE!  We thank God for the men and women of America who fight for our Freedoms. If you are at the farm after sundown you will notice the huge lights that illuminate our flag through the night.