Our Story

Horton Farms at Dry Creek – for an unforgettable experience!

Horton Farms at Dry Creek was established in February of 2006 and is only a twenty minute drive from Downtown Bentonville, in Northwest Arkansas.  This scenic 200 acre non-working farm is recognized by many as a beautiful place that feels like home (or what many dream home should be). As you enter through our private gated entrance; surrounded by long runs of hand made wrought-iron fencing, we hope you will enjoy our “old fashioned covered bridge” that leads you onto the property. On your visit this bridge may be suspended over a dry creek (thus the name Horton Farms at Dry Creek); but those of us who know and understand this sleepy creek known as Little Spavinaw, know it also as a “raging river” in the right circumstances.

Corporate Meetings, Executive Retreats, as well as Company Picnics, Family Reunions, Weddings, Receptions, are just a few of the reasons people come to Horton Farms.  We can accommodate from a handful to thousands, depending on your function.

Most are amazed when they get their first glimpse of the enormous American Flag that flies proudly at over 125 feet in the air above Horton Lake (pond).  It is a 2,800 square foot American Flag.  You may even notice it as you fly into the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA) [keep your eyes peeled].  This flag pole was built and erected on site.  The crane, that erected the pole, came to us from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  These particular flags are hand-sewn in Texas. At any given time Horton Farms has a “pair” of flags.  One will be in flight , while the other in repair.  Each flag flies approximately 4-6 weeks.  When signs of wear and tear begin to show, it is replaced by its mate and sent to a seamstress for repair.  We are now flying our third pair of flags since November 1st, 2006.  Each pair is retired  together, and will stay together on Horton Farms for all to enjoy. 

It was November 1st, 2006 the flag-pole was erected - and the flag began its first flight on that same day. It flies in Honor of the men and women who fight for, and love these United States of America; and too often, give the ultimate sacrifice, so those of us here at home may enjoy Freedom.  FREEDOM ISN’T FREE! We thank God for the men and women of America who fight for our Freedoms.  If you are at the farm after sundown you will notice the huge lights that illuminate our flag through the night.

Please notice the driveway as you turn in on Horton Farms Lane off Bethlehem Road.  There are hundreds of tons of hand-stacked native Arkansas Stones that create the walls (over 1,000 feet of walls) of the driveway leading to the “old-fashioned covered bridge”.  The bridge has eight marble hand-made crosses both on the inner walls and outer walls for your enjoyment and as a symbol of what Christ did for all.  While crossing the bridge look out to your right at the beautiful rock bluffs that direct those raging waters through the property (weather permitting). The Horton Farms Bridge was built in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  It is the same quality bridge used on Arkansas state highways.  It was trucked in on seven  semi-truck trailers.  A large crane erected the bridge – it was assisted by two additional tractor-trailers that carried counter-weights to balance the crane.

From the bridge you will notice our waterfall; Again, constructed from native Arkansas stone.  The stone stairs are lined with wrought-iron hand rails for safety, and the upper deck of the waterfall is fenced in wrought iron.

No sooner will you cross the bridge and you’ll notice a gift to the Horton's from some of those who helped to build Horton Farms.  It is a large standing flat rock sign with our name etched into it on the front side, with a cross on the reverse. 

Enjoy the rolling hills, beautiful meadows, and groves of Oaks, Cedars, and scattered Sycamores as you peruse the farm.

The Sierra Executive Retreat, hopes local churches will bring their youth and counselors out for day use.  It is our hope many youth will come to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as a result of a camp they attended at Horton Farms.

The Sierra Executive Retreat’s fireplace, all stacked Arkansas stone, is over 30’ tall with four marble Crosses, each hand-cut are for all to enjoy.  Inside, please notice the four (4) Granite cornerstones at the base of the fireplace.  We love Lake Tahoe, California (and Nevada), and the Granite Boulders that surround the lake, and its landscape.  We handpicked these boulders, in the California Sierra Nevada Mountains, and had them brought to Horton Farms to be a part of our farm, and the Sierra Executive Retreat. You may also notice others in the landscape around the farm.  The Copper fireplace topper proudly bears the name “Horton Farms” in brass.

The cabin itself is 3,200 square feet. The cabin logs (15 courses “D” style logs) are Spruce from the mountains of Colorado, and have been “dead-standing” in their groves for over 40 years.  The lower perimeter of the cabin is covered with Arkansas hand-stacked stone, as are the wing walls.  The roof is 100 year heavy gauge green steel. 

The Sierra Executive Retreat is accessible for the handicapped with handicapped parking; handicapped ramps and the facilities inside are also approved for the handicapped.  Bathrooms are equipped for multiple users. Semiprofessional kitchen appliances are installed for large family style gatherings.  The cabin is also “commercial” and equipped with fire sprinklers and alarmed for safety.

The cabin is equipped for modern uses such as wireless internet.  There are five flat-screen televisions, three 52” and two 26” in the counselor bedrooms.  You will also find excellent sound systems, both indoor and outdoor.  The property is protected by closed circuit cameras and monitored 24 hours a day.

Horton Farms is located 12 miles from downtown Bentonville, Arkansas in Gravette, Arkansas.  200 acres of rolling hills with landscapes ranging from flat lands, perfect for Corporate Retreats, Company Picnics,  Family Reunions, Weddings, Receptions, and Church Youth Groups to enjoy. Horton Farms also features wooded areas perfect for great nature walks, hayrides, and your secluded meeting or event.  

Various events/activities you can use Horton Farms for:


The possibilities are endless at Horton Farms.