The Sierra Garden Chapel/Patio almost floats above the level of the serene rolling hills and meadows that surround it.  The patio is 7,000 square feet and is the perfect venue for outdoor functions small or large.  The actual Chapel is elevated two feet above the level of the patio so it has a “stage” effect making it easier to see featured guests.

Brides find it the perfect outdoor choice for their weddings.  Because the Chapel is 24 feet wide and 16 feet deep with a high vaulted ceiling featuring Amish Bents [timbers] it also is perfect for groups, bands, musicians, and soloists.  Guests can gather on the surrounding lawns to make it more of a fun event.

It is a perfect choice for keynote speakers to address intimate groups or larger groups up to 800 or more.  Both the Chapel and the patio are well lit for night-time events.

NOTE: The Sierra Grand Hall and the Sierra Garden Chapel/Patio are considered one rental.  You get both event areas with the rental of either one.

Sierra Garden Chapel and Patio