Team Building

Horton Farms has so many possibilities for your next team building event.  First of all know you are only 20 minutes from the Bentonville square and can be in a beautiful space so quickly.

    Horton Farms doesn’t actually teach/train Leadership or Team Building.  We provide the venue and can connect you with professional leaders/trainers.

Team Building can be so many things; from motivational speakers, to flying paper airplanes as a competitive activity, or playing a game of volleyball. Whether your team is interested in fun indoor processes, or if you want challenging outdoor processes, that are beyond what most of us could imagine, Horton Farms is the right choice of venue.

If your team leans toward more challenging team building exercises, the sky is the limit.  Horton Farms has had a national outdoor certified course builder come in and install various apparatus that work well in team building [under the direction of a certified trainer] We can connect you with a qualified trainers that will fly in to Northwest Arkansas, but also have local trainers for a menu of team building.  Trainers that have the expertise to do everything from indoor team-building training that can be for groups of 2, to hundreds of people, or can take you on a journey that will lead you to and through amazing processes that many wouldn’t think are possible.  At the end of the day, your team can redefine the meaning of the word TEAM.

Please see the YouTube video on this page to get a better understanding of the leadership or team building offered at Horton Farms.