Weddings at Horton Farms

Horton Farms offer’s every bride their “dream wedding.” If you’ve dreamed of getting married in a beautiful setting, whether that be indoors or out, or dreamed of having a venue just for you and your guests, be that 5 or 500, then Horton Farms can accommodate you

If your dream wedding is to be indoors, the Sierra Grand Hall is the venue for you.

The dream started when you were a little girl, but the reality of that dream coming to fruition starts today. The sky is the limit [literally]. Imagine our 8,500 square foot Sierra Grand Hall decorated just the way you want it.  Visualize flowers, greenery, candles, vases, and all the other details of your dream coming true.  You can at Horton Farms!

When your eyes are closed if you see yourself outside vowing to spend the rest of your life with him... allow Horton Farms to share some of the outdoor choices you may choose from. 

The Sierra Garden Chapel/Patio:  You’re standing in a Chapel, totally open in the front [facing your guests] the walls are wood, and painted perfectly white, overhead are timbers [actually bents is their proper name] made by the Amish in Indiana just for Horton Farms.  A steeple tops the Chapel.  To the back of the Chapel are flowers perfectly chosen by your florist to accent the colors you’ve chosen.  Emerging from the back of the Chapel, just after a prayer, is a childhood friend, with a guitar, singing your favorite wedding song. When you look forward you see all of the favorite people that have led up to your wedding day.  Your family, his family, and hundreds of others sipping lemonade anxiously waiting to hear you both say the words that no wedding is without – I do!  Three letters that make forever seem exciting.

Picture an old fashioned covered bridge with a gentle breeze blowing through; and draping sheets of satin hanging from the timbers overhead is just part of the attraction.  The sounds of nature that only God could create are abundantly audible.  The private bridge can easily seat over 100 guests.  But, not to worry if you have hundreds of guests, as just off the bridge hundreds more guests can be seated if plain view of the wedding party.

If a waterfall, and all of its sounds and beauty are the backdrop for your wedding, it doesn’t get any better than the waterfall at Horton Farms.  Black Walnut trees, and local Oaks are all in view of your audience.

There are many outdoor choices, but we urge you to take a few minutes and watch the YouTube videos as they will surely help you to make the perfect choice of location for your wedding.\

Outdoor wedding options:

  • The Sierra Grand Hall
  • The Sierra Garden Chapel/Patio
  • On the island of Horton Farms lake with your guests surrounding the lake
  • In front of the waterfall
  • On the old-fashioned wood covered bridge
  • At the entrance gates with a décor of wrought iron and cobble-stone driveway
  • On one of the beautiful green grass meadows
  • On the stone stairway behind the Sierra Executive Retreat with lots of handmade wrought iron fencing
  • Under a rented gazebo tent [for the wedding party] placed anywhere you like 
  • In the woods where serenity and the season can add something special